BETE compressed air atomizers

BETE compressed air atomizers produce the finest possible atomization by mixing liquid and compressed air (or another gas). The droplets obtained by means of pneumatic atomization technology are among the smallest possible deliverable droplets. In addition to the different spray patterns, versions with different connection configurations and pneumatically operated on/off switching (very fast, without dripping) are also available.

A compressed air atomizer uses compressed air to humidify a room or coat steel, among other things. BETE compressed air atomizers mix liquid and compressed air, creating a very fine atomization. The pressure of the compressed air ensures that fine water droplets are atomized. The resulting mist is then distributed throughout the relevant space due to this atomization. Compressed air atomizers are drip-free, because the compressed air supports the droplet and ensures that the droplets remain very small. Moreover, the atomizers are self-cleaning. This prevents them from clogging up quickly, even in contaminated spaces.

Types of compressed air atomizers

BETE’s compressed air atomizers can be divided into three series, where a choice can be made between different spray patterns and connection configurations. A compressed air atomizer with pneumatically operated on/off switching is also an option. In addition, the compressed air atomizer by BETE is suitable for many applications. The different versions with corresponding properties, flow rates and spray patterns are described on the product page’s below.

Applications for compressed air atomizers

A compressed air atomizers are suitable for various applications. Humidification is the most evident application. The fine atomization mist generated by the atomizers increases the humidity level. The minute water droplets evaporate quickly, increasing the relative humidity in the air. Coating is another potential application. Compressed air atomizers are ideally suited for spraying thicker substances. For example, apply an enamel layer on food products or spray a layer of glue on parts before assembly. The XA nozzles can produce 8 different spray patterns. The modular atomizers produce very fine atomization even with low consumption. The compressed air atomizers of SpiralAir can be operated with any gas and are available in 2 sizes. Thanks to the two-phase spraying, atomization is more efficient. The adjustable compressed air atomizers by SAM atomize even highly viscous liquids and produce even smaller droplets when atomization pressure is increased.

Consultation & Customization

We are here to assist you in selecting the right BETE compressed air atomizer for your application. Utilize the expertise of our specialists who are eager to collaborate with you. We are pleased to offer customized solutions. Please contact us for advice.

BETE compressed air atomizers

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