BETE DUR-O-LOK flange couplings

BETE Dur-O-Lok flange couplings are a space- and weight-saving alternative to standard flange couplings. The superior performance, small size and lower weight of the Dur-O-Lok flange couplings makes them the preferred choice in many pipe joint applications.

BETE Dur-O-Lok flange couplings are lightweight, thread-free and bolt-free alternative flanges. The universally applicable lightweight couplings have been designed to replace standard ANSI flanges. The design of Dur-O-Lok flange couplings ensures reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures. Dur-O-Lok flange couplings have been used in refineries already for a long time and are UOP-approved for use in CCRTM Platforming TM, OleflexTM and SorbexTM process units, as well as in OptimixTM FCC feed nozzles.

Consultancy &amp customized solutions

Based on your application, we will gladly consider and discuss the potential benefits of Dur-O-Lok flange couplings with you. Feel free to contact us for advice.

BETE DUR-O-LOK flange couplings

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