BETE EZ quick-change system

BETE nozzles can be replaced quickly within a few seconds without tools. Standard version in brass and stainless steel 303/316. The system is a three-part design: base with a male thread, gasket and spray tip. It is equipped with a unique and easy quick-coupling device. A threaded adapter to accommodate other BETE nozzles and shut-off ‘plugs’ are also available. Sanitary EZ (smooth version without ridges) with connecting socket are also available.

Different Spray Patterns

There are various spray patterns available, including full cone, hollow cone, and flat fan nozzles. In total, these are available in 7 different configurations: EZ-WL (full cone), EZ-TF (full and hollow cone), EZ-WT (hollow cone), EZ-FF, EZ-NF, EZ-SPN (3 x flat fan). With the BETE EZ quick-change system, nozzles can be swapped in seconds without the need for tools. The nozzles consist of a three-part assembly: a base, gasket, and interchangeable tip.

Consultation & Customization

We are ready to assist you in selecting the right product for your specific application. Benefit from the expertise of our specialists who are eager to collaborate with you. We are pleased to offer customized solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.