BETE flat jet nozzles

BETE flat jet nozzles ensure an even distribution of liquid and pressure, creating a curtain of water, e.g. for car washes and high-pressure cleaners, i.e. applications that use numerous nozzles with a flat jet.

Types of flat jet nozzles

BETE flat jet nozzles are roughly subdivided in four categories: regular flat jet nozzles, high-pressure flat jet nozzles, wide jet nozzles and spoon nozzles.

Regular flat jet nozzles (NF, NFD, NFS, BJ)

Spray tips (for mounting in wire nipple and swivel nut) and axial nozzles where the spray opening is oval-shaped or V-shaped. Available in spray angles from 0° (point radius) to 120° and with wire connections of 1/8″ up to 2″. Features include medium strength and oval-shaped fluid distribution. The smaller the angle, the more powerful the beam (cleaning). To be used for moistening, washing or (vigorous) cleaning. Affordable and available in a wide range of materials, spray angles and capacities.

High-pressure flat jet nozzles (NFH, BJH)

Wear-resistant version for axial nozzles and loose tips thanks to Tungsten Carbide (Wolfram) spray orifice. Not only suitable for high pressure, but also for very abrasive applications. Characteristic is the high wear resistance, razor-sharp flat jet nozzles.

Wide jet nozzles (FF, AFF)

Less prone to clogging due to the round spray orifice. The flat jet is created through distribution and deflection of the liquid. Characteristic is the wide spray pattern (105° to 145°), which produces slightly smaller droplets and also a slightly less powerful output than ordinary flat jet nozzles. Suitable for coating, wetting or washing. Affordable and available in a wide range of capacities.

Spoon nozzles (SPN)

Like wide jet nozzles equipped with a round spray orifice, making it less prone to clogging. Only available with small spray angles, which produces large drops due to the combination with a small deflection angle. Relatively expensive, but very powerful, even at greater distances.

Consultancy & customized solutions

Based on your application, we will gladly consider and discuss with you, which type of flat jet nozzle is most suitable for your requirements. Feel free to contact us for advice.