BETE full cone nozzles

Full cone nozzles produce uniform conical spray patterns, distributed evenly across the entire surface. BETE full cone nozzles generally produce larger droplets than hollow cone nozzles under similar conditions of flow and pressure. They have more impact due to the larger droplets they produce.

Thanks to the on-average larger droplets, full-cone sprayers give more impact and are therefore very suitable for many applications such as washing and cleaning, but also for cooling, humidifying, gas washing, fire protection and all kinds of process techniques.?? The many different full-cone sprayer series all have their own characteristics and advantages. These are, for example, clogging insensitivity, highly uniform distribution, larger or smaller droplet sizes or application at very low pressures.

Types of BETE full-cone spray nozzles

BETE full-cone nozzles are classed into spiral (semi) full-cone nozzles, axial full-cone nozzles and diagonal/angular full-cone nozzles.

  • Spiral (semi) full-cone spray nozzles (TF, TFXP, ST, STXP, TFXPW, EZ-TF, N). The spray pattern is composed of two or three concentric circles.
  • Axial full-cone spray nozzles (WL, MPL, MaxiPass (MP), CW, EZ-WL, SF, SC, NC, NCS, NCK, NCFL, TC). A swirl disc in the spray nozzles causes the liquid to mist.
  • Tangential/angular full-cone spray nozzles (WTZ)

Consultation & Customization

Based on your application, we will gladly consider and discuss the most suitable type of full-cone spray nozzle for your requirements with you. Feel free to contact us for advice.

BETE full cone nozzles

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