BETE hollow cone nozzles

BETE hollow cone nozzles produce a uniform distribution of liquid in a ring that delivers relatively small droplets. Hollow cone nozzles provide a highly efficient solution in cases where small droplets, evenly distributed in a ring, are required. Applications include gas cooling, gas scrubbing, dust precipitation, humidification, aeration or oil misting.

Types of BETE hollow cone nozzles

BETE hollow cone nozzles are divided into spiral hollow cone nozzles, axial hollow cone nozzles and axial/angle hollow cone nozzles.

  • Spiral hollow cone nozzles (TF hollow cone, EZ-TW hollow cone)
  • Axial hollow cone nozzles (CW, SF, NCJ)
  • Tangential or angled hollow cone nozzles (WT, WTX, EX-WT, TH, THW)

Consultancy & customization

Based on your application, we are happy to think with you about which type of hollow cone nozzle is most suitable for your application. Contact us for advice.