BETE spray dry nozzles

The patented BETE Twist & Dry spray dry nozzles can be quickly disassembled without the internal parts falling out. Thanks to the use of the latest materials, they are now even more wear-resistant than ever before. Spray-dry nozzles are available with a built-in non-return valve and in versions for extremely high pressure (max. 690 bar) and/or high temperature (max. 427°C). Software support for the calculation of droplet sizes is also possible. The nozzles can be arranged in almost a thousand different volume/spray angle combinations. The right solution for every application.

Applications for spray dry nozzles – from liquid to powder

the single-part swirl disc and the orifice plate remain in the container when disassembling the spray lance. This reduces falling and breakage to a minimum. Spray dry nozzles are available in all common flow/spray angle combinations. There are now even newer and more wear-resistant materials available as well as various containers for liquids/processes with deviating properties. Spray drying is used in many industries to convert food, chemicals and other products quickly and cheaply into dried powders thanks to their low weight and long shelf life.

Consultancy & customized solutions

We will gladly help you select the right product for your application. Rely on the expertise of our specialists, who will gladly consider and discuss their potential benefits for you. That is how we can offer you a tailored solution for your application. Feel free to contact us for advice.