BETE spray lances, injectors and quills

The use of spray lances, injectors and quills can help to improve your spray technology process. BETE spray lances, injectors and quills are ideal for applications such as tank cleaning and gas cooling, but also for chemical injection, for example. BETE spray injectors create stable conditions for safe and efficient operation of downstream installation components. This prevents excessive wetness along pipe walls and pipe corrosion, which cause expensive repairs and unscheduled downtimes.

Spray lances, injectors and quills

Spray lances contain a spray head and can be used to spray a single liquid or multiple liquids into a vessel, pipe, duct, or tower. Spray lances and injectors are ideal when more precise control of the spray pattern, droplet size or flow rate is required for spraying into a process flow.


For example, tank cleaning lances are available that work both stationary and retractable and are used for precise placement in the vessel. The spray lance injectors have air atomizing nozzles for one or two liquids and offer a drop-in solution. By means of the retractable lances, the spray head can be inspected and maintained, without disturbing the process. These variants also include options such as a lance, isolation valve, drain valve and the retraction mechanical.  Injectors and quills are not equipped with a spray nozzle and are standard for applications that require precise spray control in a pipeline.


The use of retractable lances

Retractable lances allow you to retract your nozzle, isolate it from the process and fully remove it for maintenance without interrupting your process. After maintaining, cleaning or inspecting the nozzle, reattach it to the system, open the isolation valve and put it back into operation. Such functions are often crucial for petrochemical plants where process interruptions are costly. As specific applications in petroleum production contain highly corrosive particles, the ability to remove the nozzle for replacement while keeping the process online offers huge cost savings.

For smaller retractable lances, maintenance can manually insert and retract the lance pipe. BETE offers a robust retraction mechanism that effortlessly moves the lance from extended to inserted and back for larger sizes or any size where automation or ease of use is required. A simple cordless drill can power the device, making this design a favorite of maintenance crews. The mechanism is flexible in its configuration, allowing alternative electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic power sources to drive the unit.

Design, manufacturing and testing process

Our engineers start by recording all of your project specifications to ensure we meet your design requirements, including any industry codes referenced, to deliver fully compliant fabrication. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling software simulates the spraying process to determine the best solutions for complex process conditions. BETE also offers Advanced Spray Engineering Services to solve more challenging and critical problems. BETE offers drop-in solutions, including customized spray lances, quills, injection lances and chemical injectors. Manufacturing is BETE’s specialty, from complex ASME code compliance to simple recessed pipe and flange assemblies. At BETE, almost all phases of design, production, manufacturing and testing take place in the same facility. Close coordination through all process stages ensures optimization of mechanical, performance and inspection requirements.

BETE spray lances, injectors and quills

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