BETE Electric HydroPulse® – Hygienic

Electrically operated hydropulse spray nozzles with an adjustable throughput: hygienic stainless design.

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Electrically driven HydroPulse® spray nozzles (EHP) by BETE are designed entirely in stainless steel with food-safe Viton seals. The design is particularly hygienic because it is devoid of holes where contamination can form. Supplied by default with M8 electrical connection and recirculation output standard on threaded models. The spray nozzle has a 1/8″ NPT/BSPT thread or 1⁄2″ tri-clamp connection options. Electrically operated with 24V DC voltage (no compressed air required) and delivers up to 150 pulses per second. The maximum pressure is 17 bar and the maximum flow rate 3.78 l/min. The energy consumption of this sprayer is 9.3 watts. The BETE HydroPulse nozzles can be adjusted very precisely to minimize “overspray”. This reduces waste and cleaning, resulting in a clean, safe and cost-efficient working environment.



Available spray tip options: BJ, BJH and CW