BETE FlexFlow™

Nozzle automation with precise control over the nozzle offers valuable benefits.


Nozzle automation with precise control over the sprayer offers valuable benefits such as the reduction of product waste, overspray, reduced cleaning and maintenance as well as the improved uniformity of the cover. The FlexFlow™ has a pre-configured control system for the nozzles and is equipped by default with 120V/240V AC electric connection. The BETE FlexFlow™ can be used with electric HydroPulse® nozzles, each with a model 24V DC solenoid valve. Standard NEMA 4 (IP66) stainless steel control cabinet, but hygienic housing is available for food/pharmaceutical applications.

The BETE FlexFlow™ is easy to operate via an interface and has a flexible operating system based on the use of standard software. The control is assembled around standard components and is easy to connect.

Properties of the FlexFlow™ 1000 nozzle control
• Entry-level nozzle control
• Controls up to 12 nozzles and can independently or synchronously control two zones of six nozzles.
• Can receive up to two switching signals, one for each spray zone
• Single stand-alone operation
• 4” touchscreen
• Settings (per zone): pulse frequency (up to 250 pulses/sec), duty cycle 5% -100% (on/off ratio) and nozzle delay on or off

Properties of the FlexFlow™ 2000 nozzle control
• Advanced nozzle control
• Three variations that can control up to 10, 16 or 20 nozzles. The system can be adjusted afterwards. Each nozzle can be operated independently or in any combination of grouped zones.
• Speed tuning by automatic adjustment of the duty cycle to match the fluid flow to the speed of the belt conveyor (maintaining a constant rate of coverage at variable speed of the belt conveyor)
• Standalone or with Ethernet communication
• 7” touchscreen