BETE UltiMist® series

Patented hydraulic atomizers for fine droplets.


The BETE UltiMist® UM series is completely in plastic (polyacetal) with a 1/8″ male thread connection. The nebulizer produces a large number of drops below 60 microns. Nebulizers create a very fine mist or fog. Droplets are typically small enough that their buoyancy is significant compared to gravity, allowing droplets to appear to float. In the absence of upward airflow, particles are simply falling very slowly.


Spray pattern

  • Very fine mist
  • Large part of droplets below 60 micron


  • Humidification

Flow rate

  • 2.5 l/min to approx. 32 l/min

Spray angle

  • 90° hollow cone


  • Brass / 416, Polyacetate

Connection type

  • Pipe (1/8,1/4)
  • Connection methods: Thread (NPT, BSP, Male, Female)