BETE SAM series

Flat fan or full cone pneumatic nozzles with external mixing.


The BETE SAM series is a compressed air atomizer with an adjustable droplet size and spray angle, using the two separate compressed air supply systems. By increasing the spray pressure, the droplets become even smaller. A third compressed air supply operates a valve for very fast on/off switching without dripping. The nozzle orifice is pierced each time the nozzle is switched off to prevent clogging. The external mixing of compressed air and liquid allows more viscous liquids to be atomized, including viscous media above 200 cP.

Air atomizer nozzles atomize liquids by combining liquid and compressed air/gas at low pressure into a very fine spray. They can form a fan-shaped or cone-shaped spray pattern, depending on the design of the nozzle. The air and liquid flows are projected from the nozzle independently through each orifice. Air and liquid flow rates can be controlled independently, allowing accurate dosing of the liquid.