BETE XA ER series

Compressed air atomizer with external mixing intended for viscous liquids.


The functioning of the BETE XA ER series is based on external mixing and makes it possible to spray viscous materials. This makes this compressed air atomizer suitable for liquids with high viscosity (100+ cP) that require a round spray pattern. The XA ER series features a small, adjustable spray angle of 10° to 30°. The speed of the liquid flow rate is regulated only by the liquid pressure. The flow rate is not dependent on the air pressure, due to which the delivery of the nozzle can be controlled more easily. This produces variable atomization and accurate dosing of the flow rate. Available in many hardware versions (see (1/4”) XA hardware options). Lower flow rates possible due to pulsating on/off switching,

The liquid is is supplied under pressure for internal or external mixing in a pressure-fed system. Air and liquid regulators control the liquid pressure, while the air filter and the liquid strainer ensure that the liquids supplied are of high quality. Operational control is maintained through manual or electromagnetic valves used in conjunction with the various hardware assemblies. The air and liquid flows leave the nozzle independently of each other through each orifice, creating a fan-shaped spray pattern. Air and liquid flow rates can be controlled independently, enabling accurate liquid dosing.