BETE XA SR series

Self-aspirating compressed air atomizer obtains the liquid to be sprayed in two ways.


The BETE XA SR series is a full-cone compressed air atomizer ensuring very fine atomization. It offers short to moderate forward jet projection and the series has the lowest possible flow rate and a small spray angle with a short to medium thrust length.

The liquid is supplied by either a siphon or gravity feed in a siphon-fed system. An air regulator controls the compressed air pressure delivery, while the air filter ensures that the compressed air is of high quality. Operational control is maintained by manual or electromagnetic valves used in conjunction with the various hardware assemblies.

Self-aspirating compressed air nozzles obtain the sprayed liquid in two ways:
1. Self-aspirating system: the air pressure in the air cap of the compressed air atomizer provides an aspirating effect in the liquid cap, as a result of which the liquid is pumped out of the liquid tank.
2. Gravity feed: the liquid tank is positioned above the atomizer, and gravity ensures the inflow of the liquid.

This compressed air atomizer is also available with 1/2″ NPT or BSPT connection for large flow rates, available with different air caps.

Liquid and air flows come together in the nozzle and are mixed, and they come out through the same orifice creating a narrow conical spray angle. The flows are not independent; changes in the airflow affect the liquid flow.