BETE XA XW series

Compressed air atomizer based on liquid pressure with internal mix and 180˚ hollow cone spray pattern.


The functioning of the BETE XA FF series is based on the internal mixing of a liquid and compressed air and produces very fine atomization. The compressed air atomizer has an extra-wide hollow cone and delivers a spray angle of 180° (all around) and is available in many different hardware versions (see (1/4”) XA hardware options datasheet).

The liquid is supplied under pressure in a pressurized system for internal or external mixing. Air and liquid regulators control the liquid pressure, while the air filter and the liquid strainer ensure that the liquids supplied are of high quality. Operational control is maintained through manual or electromagnetic valves used in conjunction with the various hardware assemblies. Liquid and air flows come together in the nozzle and are mixed, and they are expelled through the same orifice, creating an extra-wide hollow cone spray pattern. The flows are not independent; changes in the airflow rate affect the flow of the liquid.