BETE CD series

Smooth hygienic nozzle holder design without ring groove for easy cleaning.

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  • Smooth hygienic design of the spray holder and no dirt in O-ring groove for easy cleaning along the path of the liquid
  • Low-cap profile – reduced collection of product (“bearding”)
  • Rougher design of screw thread for easier cleaning

Long-life wear parts

  • Seal-In-Disc™ (orificedisk) technology and Hi-Flo swirl are unique design features exclusive to Click & Dry™. This innovation offers an improved workflow of the spray dry nozzle, powder quality and cost savings in the long term.
  • Concentric Clasp Technology (CCT) – available for compositions with CCT closure. The ultimate solution, which ensures a perfect alignment of wear parts and improves the service life of the wear parts.

Improved sealing to prevent leakage

  • Complete axial pressure sealing system, exclusive to & Dry™, ensures that all sealings can only come in contact with sealing surfaces as long as the assembly is fully screwed together.
  •  Axial pressure sealing system, an exclusive feature of Click & Dry™. In the bodies of the Compact and SuperMaxi series, the design of the O-rings ensure that all seals can only come in contact with the sealing surfaces as soon as the assembly is screwed fully tight.
  • Available for delivery with a check valve.
  • Various retrofitting adapters available.

Reduced operating costs

  • Considerable savings in current costs are achieved through reduced breakage and wear of parts made of tungsten carbide. Our innovations are designed to extend the service life of wear parts. Upgrade to Click & Dry™ easy-out CCT-locking system to obtain a 1-year wear cover (excluding fastening system) and 2-year breakage cover for wear parts.

Easy to use

  •  No assembly error: push-fit holder design offers improved wear parts alignment and longer service life of wear part.
  •  A range of tools and accessories designed for easy assembly and to minimise carbide damage.
  •  Protective seal skirting helps to protect the O-ring groove of the body against seal face damage. Only available in the Compact and SuperMaxi series.

Designed for compliance with the pressure line codes

  •  Unique, complete axial sealing through FEA-designed spray heads and bodies. The seal surfaces are protected to comply with the pressure line codes and reduce the operational risk.
  •  The complete axial compressive seal system is designed to reduce friction and the froming of teras by reducing seals, while the seal is guaranteed to withstand the highest operating pressure.




Other features of the Click & Dry sproeidroogsproeiers zijn:

  • The improved Click&Dry spray dry heads can now be cleaned more easily due to the patented Hygiene-Plus design. Together with the unique Concentric Clasp technology (CCT) and the proven Push Fit (PF) clamp system for the wear parts, this ensures an easily and thoroughly cleanable spray dry head. The flat design of the spray head serves to largely prevent bearding (accumulation of residue).


  • The newly improved sprayers of the Click&Dry Compact series are entirely smooth in the liquid area; in the area, where the swirl and the Orifice Disk are located, there are no O-ring grooves on the head. Screw threads or fitted edges may retain dirt and be difficult to clean. The smooth surface ensures that the head is easy to clean, which contributes to the uninterrupted flow through the spray head, which is conducive to longer throughput times.

  • In addition, the Click&Dry system is equipped with the Concentric Clasp technology (CCT). This optional system clamps the Swirl and Orifice Disk in such a way to preclude alignment errors. This enhances performance, and durability tests have shown that it reduces the wear and tea of vital parts. When use is made of the CCT-system, the spare parts may only be assembled in one specific manner, which makes the system easier to operate. The CCT-system is supplied with special equipment, which is used to easily remove the spare parts. This means that the risk of damage to the spare parts is nil. A second option is the Drip-Pro™ check valve. This high-quality check valve is designed with replaceable seals. Adding the check valve will prevent dripping, which in turn reduces the accrual of residue on the spray head.