BETE TD series

For quickly and safely replaceable parts with inside threads or welding nipple connections.

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The patented BETE Twist & Dry spray dry nozzles can be quickly disassembled without the internal parts falling out. Due to the use of the latest materials, they are now even more wear-resistant than ever before. Spray dry nozzles are available with a built-in non-return valve and in versions for extremely high pressure (max. 690 bar) and/or high temperature (BET TD-HT), maximum 427°C). Software support for the calculation of droplet sizes is also possible. The nozzles can be arranged in almost a thousand different volume/spray angle combinations. The right solution for every application.

The BETE TD series is a patented system for replacing parts quickly and safely. Available in high pressure and high temperature versions, with inner thread or welding nipple connections. This series is easy to (dis)assemble, without requiring special tools. Available with spray orifices ranging from 0.864 mm to 3.99 mm. Exchangeable swirl discs and spray orifice discs for many different variants.