Tank cleaning - Stationary nozzles

All BETE stationary tank cleaning nozzles are only suitable for internal rinsing of tanks, drums and silos that are not excessively large (otherwise, multiple nozzles should be used). Stubborn dirt can be removed, provided it is soluble in the cleaning liquid, but this usually takes several hours.

Tank Cleaning – Stationary Spray Nozzles

Stationary spray nozzles, also known as static nozzles, have no moving parts. The low-maintenance designs of our innovative HydroClaw and Spiral TW models offer a significant free passage area superior to standard static spray balls. The versatile size range and narrow shape of the TW series ensure compatibility with small tank openings.

Consultation & Customization

We are ready to provide guidance on BETE’s stationary tank cleaning spray nozzles. Utilize the expertise of our specialists who are eager to collaborate with you. We are pleased to offer customized solutions. Please contact us for advice.