Relatively clog-resistant, maintenance free stationary tank cleaning device.


In the nozzles of the BETE CLUMP/LEM series, a manifold distributes the water into various standard fully conical nozzles with directions positioned to achieve full omnidirectional spray coverage.

These nozzles are ideal for cleaning industrial tanks, washing drums and bins. The CLUMP nozzle contains six clog-resistant MaxiPass ® full cone nozzles arranged in a cluster to project the spray in all directions. Can also be used with other sprayer types (e.g., spiral nozzles), (see LEM datasheet). Supplied with 3/4” and 1” female thread connections. Standard in stainless steel 316; the 1” version can also be provided entirely in teflon. Available with 360˚ (all-round) coverage, with 6 nozzles in a cluster to spray in all directions.