BETE TW series

Clog-resistant tank cleaning nozzle in a compact design.


The spray pattern of the spiral nozzle is formed by the fluid shearing along with the turns of the spiral, which produce multiple concentric cones. These cones form two to three bands of relatively coarse droplets, surrounded by wider bands of relatively fine droplets. The nozzle is easy to maintain and has unique patterns that spray in opposite directions. The nozzle is energy-efficient and uses less water than conventional designs. It is also a clog-resistant spiral design. The nozzle is very compact and fits through small orifices (from a diameter of 25 mm). Standard version in brass and stainless steel 316, also available in Hastelloy and titanium. Produces 4 rings (3/8” – 180˚) or 6 rings (1/2” and 1” – 270˚) of liquid. Suitable for internal rinsing of moderately soiled vessels and tanks, with the dirt occurring mostly on the walls.