BETE HydroWhirl® MINI series PVDF

Reactionary force tank cleaning devices for small tanks in a compact design.

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The BETE HydroWhirl® Mini tank cleaning nozzle directs the cleaning water through a rotating head at the tip of the holder and projects several vigorous, rotating water jets against all walls of a tank.

The spray pattern of the BETE HydroWhirl ® Mini cleaning nozzle uses impact and repetition to quickly clean the tank. The compact dimensions make the cleaning head ideal for removing stubborn chemical residue in small spaces, such as pipes and process equipment.

BETE HydroWhirl® is liquid driven and self-flushing. The design is durable, compact and maintenance-free and is made of FDA approved PVDF. Corrosion resistant with a water-lubricated bearing. Available with 1/2” BSP or NPT female thread. Recommended filter: 0.3 mm/50 mesh. Maximum permissible temperature: 90ºC.