BETE HydroWhirl® Poseidon (HWP) series in PTFE

PTFE Corrosion-resistant slow rotating sprayer for cleaning tanks.

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Slow rotation, longer spray dwell time on the target surface increases the impact compared to conventional rotary designs. Cleans more expeditiously and uses less water and lower pressure than static spray balls. The PTFE material is corrosion resistant.

The lower free design ensures a slow, almost constant rotational speed over the working pressure range. The slow and steady speed of the HW results in a more efficient cleaning and use of resources than static spray balls and other rotational designs through increased impact and longer spray dwell time on the target surface. Atomization is achieved by rotating the water in the nozzle and exiting an orifice.

Ideal for harsh chemical environments, chemical processing tanks and cleaning IBC bins. Made from FDA-compliant materials for use in Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications. Complete 360° omni directional spray pattern. The BETE HydroWhirl® Poseidon series in PTFE is available in nine different sizes with a full 360˚ all-round coverage. Available with various pipe, hose and threaded connections.