BETE HydroWhirl® Stinger (HWS2) series

Efficient tank cleaning through the use of reactionary force.

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Improves efficiency and reduces waste thanks to HWS Stinger rotating spray heads designed to clean IBC trays, drums, barrels and medium-sized industrial or hygienic tanks. Cleans faster and uses less water and less pressure than static spray balls. Less flow and pressure mean a smaller pump size, resulting in lower operating costs. The surface finish is ideal for sanitary applications. The HydroWhirl® Stinger (HWS2) tank cleaning nozzle guides the water for cleaning through a rotating head at the tip of the spray unit and produces a vigorous moving spray action against all parts of the walls of a tank. The spray pattern of the HydroWhirl ® Stinger uses impact and repetition to wash tanks expeditiously.

The HydroWhirl® Stinger is made entirely of stainless steel 316L, with self-cleaning bearings of zirconium oxide for a long service life and extreme chemical resistance.

Available in many different sizes.

Suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Place).