BETE XAPF optimizes production processes

A manufacturer of automated bakery and pastry machines faced the challenge of improving the performance of their dough preparation equipment. Spraybest, a specialist in spray technology, offered a solution by supplying the right compressed air atomizers: BETE XAPF. This compressed air atomizer has not only led to improvements in product quality, but also to productivity gains.

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  • Why the BETE XAPF series?

    In the food industry, spray technology is indispensable for various processes, such as coating, cleaning and tank cleaning. But the manufacturer experienced some problems: the dough became too dry during various processes, from cutting to baking. The various methods of wetting the products were not consistent or the dough products became too wet again.

    Spraybest identified the most suitable method to regulate the humidity level of the dough during various processes. By using a flat beam, the dough benefits from even and complete coverage.

  • Advantages of BETE XAPF

    • The generation of extremely fine droplet sizes causes the coating to be applied in an even layer with droplet adhesion.
    • The compressed air atomizers produces a wide spray pattern, between 80° and 90°
    • Available in numerous hardware versions
    • Air and fluid regulators regulate the liquid pressure
    • Lower flow rates can be achieved by switching pulsating on or off.
  • BETE XAPF results

    Thanks to the BETE XAPF compressed air atomizers with an internal mixer and liquid cap, including hardware for manual shutdown, operators are able to easily switch off the water directly at the spray nozzle. The nozzles are made of stainless steel made especially for most food processing applications. This results in the following:

    • Number of different processes
    • Even coating across the products
    • Food processing environment with stainless steel
    • Improvement of product quality
    • Productivity gains

    Keen to learn more about what BETE XAPF can do for you?


Please feel free to contact our specialists and describe your application and objectives. Our team is happy to help you choose the right solution for your problem. Make use of our expertise and also optimize your industrial process.

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