EmiControls dust control is the solution for concrete batching plants

With a view to environmental protection and significantly improving the working conditions of their employees, several concrete batching plants have decided to cooperate with Spraybest and invest in an efficient and advanced dust control system: EmiControls. EmiControls develops both mobile and stationary dust control solutions using sophisticated water mist technology.

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  • EmiControls dust control is the perfect solution for concrete batching plants
  • Why EmiControls dust control?

    Concrete batching plants have specific requirements for the dust control system: it must be able to effectively control the generation of dust efficiently, regardless of the temperature throughout the year, cause minimal noise pollution and preferably also function automatically. Fortunately, EmiControls meets these requirements perfectly.

    When fighting dust, fine water droplets are combined with the dust particles, after which they are brought to the ground without forming puddles. To optimally control dust, an accurate distribution of the water droplets is essential. The innovative system of EmiControls ensures an effective reduction of dust and contributes to a cleaner and safer working environment.

  • Advantages of EmiControls dust control

    All machines of EmiControls bear the following features:

    • Low energy consumption
    • Sustainability
    • Low maintenance costs
    • High safety standards
    • Versatile configuration
  • Advantages of EmiControls dust control

    Dust control in outdoor environments

    A concrete batching plant has shielded the surrounding operations from dust with the help of the EmiControls V22. The machine has a range of up to 90 meters and can operate at temperatures down to -10°C thanks to the integrated heating function.

    Another concrete batching plant has purchased two V12 dust regulators with a range of up to 65 meters to efficiently precipitate the dust in the outdoor storage. The CURT management software ensures that the machines can run automatically on hot days and can also allow manual operation.

    These measures have led to satisfied neighbors and truck drivers, who no longer have to work in a cloud of dust while unloading their material.

    Dust control in indoor facilities.

    A construction company a installed stationary dust control system under their ceiling. The nozzles create a fine mist with a minimal amount of water, allowing the dust to precipitate efficiently. This has greatly improved the air quality in the hall and positively influences the working conditions for the employees.

    EmiControls has been working on dust control throughout Europe for more than 10 years already. Would you like to learn more?


Please feel free to contact our specialists and describe your application and objectives. Our team is happy to help you choose the right solution for your problem. Make use of our expertise and also optimize your industrial process.


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