Manufacturer opts for BETE FlexFlow and HydroPulse

On behalf of a cracker manufacturer, Spraybest helped improve the spraying system used to apply sesame seeds onto crackers with a cornstarch solution as an adhesive. By implementing the FlexFlow automated sprinkler system with HydroPulse spray nozzles by BETE, the production quality and time has undergone a significant improvement.

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  • Why BETE FlexFlow with HydroPulse spray nozzles?

    The old spraying system that was used caused problems because it often got stuck, required a lot of maintenance and caused inconsistencies when applying sesame seeds to the crackers. This gave rise to higher costs. In collaboration with the customer, they looked for the best solution for spraying sesame seeds on their special gourmet crackers and other flatbreads.

    The FlexFlow offers three different variants that can control 10, 16 or 20 nozzles. This has turned out to be very successful, because in the factory the crackers are processed on the production line in rows of 5 to 9 next to each other, which is no problem for the FlexFlow.

  • Advantages of BETE FlexFlow

    • On-target precision spraying
    • Less waste and minimal overspray ensure a clean, safe environment
    • Uniform and consistent spray distribution on the crackers improves product quality
    • Interchangeable spray tips provide a wide range of spray patterns to meet process requirements
    • Flow control with pulse width modulation (PWM) ensures constant pressure and spray performance
  • BETE FlexFlow results

    Thanks to the Flexflow, the seeds stick firmly to the crackers. There is also a clear reduction in overspray and therefore wasted seeds. Spraybest can proudly say that this results in the following cost savings:

    • 15% savings in sesame seeds
    • Extended production time with improved quality of the crackers
    • 12 hours of downtime per month (compared to last year)
    • Lots of time saving with cleaning: cleaning one hour a day instead of two hours

    Keen to learn more about what BETE FlexFlow can do for you?


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