Miele industrial washing machines

Miele has been a relation of Spraybest for quite some time and a customer of BETE TF sprayers. These are used in an industrial, specially developed, washing machine. These washing machines are used to clean the safety harnesses of firefighters.

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  • Collaboration with the Nijmegen region fire department

    At the request of the Nijmegen region fire brigade, a study has been started to further increase the effectiveness of these industrial washing machines. Where, in particular, better cleaning of the air hose holder was a priority. As a result, Spraybest was asked what was possible in the field of sprayers.

    The Spraybest analysis led to the recommendation to replace the sprinklers with rotating sprinklers. Spraybest expected that the rotating sprinkler could better distribute the chemistry (cleaning agent) over the harnesses. In addition, the rotating sprinkler gives a greater impact force of the drop, which would provide an additional improvement of the result.

  • BETE Hydro Whirl

    Spraybest’s recommendation has been adopted and testing with the sprayers has begun. Sprinklers of the BETE HydroWhirl type were used in the testing, with different flow rates and spray angles. The tests were carried out at the location of the customer, the Nijmegen fire brigade, which owns Miele washing machines.

  • Collaboration with the Nijmegen region fire department

    The first result of the test was that the rotating nozzles significantly improved the cleaning result. However, this was not yet at the level of Miele and its customer. After further analysis of the data from the test, Spraybest decided in consultation with Miele to have a customer-specific sprayer developed.

    The difference of this special nozzle compared to the standard is that the special nozzle has been adapted in such a way that certain hard-to-reach parts of the safety harness are now also properly included in the cleaning process. This new nozzle in combination with further tuning of other factors within the washing process has resulted in the desired cleaning result; namely removing 95% of the soot from the harnesses in one wash.

    Through close cooperation with our customer Miele, sharing knowledge and experience, we have solved this very specific challenge. The result for Miele is a satisfied customer and a beautiful new washing technique.


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