Optimized knife production with EXAIR Cold Gun

A knife manufacturer decided to eliminate all oils and lubricants from their production process and embarked on an innovative approach: using blown compressed air for cooling using the EXAIR Cold Gun AirCoolant system. In collaboration with Spraybest, the manufacturer strives to towards their aim of maintaining the quality of the stainless steel knives, which are suitable for food use.

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  • Why EXAIR Cold Gun?

    The knife manufacturer experienced difficulties in eliminating oils and lubricants from the process. The use of oils and lubricants provided additional cleaning, increased the production time of each blade and increased manufacturing costs. In order to provide some form of cooling, they decided to switch to using blown open compressed air on the blades. Although this reduced heat during the milling process, premature tool wear still persisted. In addition, the open-air process was noisy and consumed a lot of compressed air. Fortunately, EXAIR products offer an alternative where all these problems are a thing of the past.

  • Advantages of EXAIR Cold Gun?

    • Suitable for drilling, milling and surface grinding
    • A great alternative to coolants for machining operations using ice-cold compressed air.
    • 28˚C below the in-feed air temperature
    • Silent in use
    • No moving parts that can wear down
  • Results of EXAIR Cold Gun

    On the advice of Spraybest, the knife manufacturer has installed an EXAIR Cold Gun with two outputs, allowing cold air to be blown across both sides of the tool and the blade to dissipate heat. As a result, the speed of work has increased by 20%, which has resulted in increased production. In addition, the service life of the tool has extended by 30%, which helps to reduce production costs. The noise level is significantly reduced compared to the old-fashioned open air supply, which is very positive for the employees!

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