Reducing compressed air consumptions with BETE SpiralAir

An enterprising steel manufacturer had a problem with high costs resulting from excessive use of compressed air. This was resolved through the use of BETE SpiralAir nozzles. The use of BETE SpiralAir nozzles with a high flowrate and the implementation of a new spraying system have resulted in an efficiency boost within one year. This in turn resulted in a tidy annual saving of compressed air costs.

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  • Why BETE SpiralAir?

    In steel plants, it is essential that the exhaust gases from an electric arc furnace are cooled down to control the temperature of the gas. When the gas passes through the filter housing, it must of course be fireproof. However, the use of wrong nozzles has led to excessive compressed air consumption, high costs and dissatisfaction.

    Accordingly, the customer asked if they could switch to an alternative solution for gas cooling. After analyzing the customer-specific situation and experimenting with different nozzles, a high-flow compressed air atomizer was selected. The compressed air atomizer produces smaller droplets even at high flow rates and lower pressure, as opposed to in a single nozzle setup. Although air pressure is still required for this solution, the selected SpiralAir SA achieves a large reduction in the use of this compressed air.

  • Advantages of BETE SpiralAir

    • In-house manufacture
    • Technical consultation
    • Designed to comply with specific process requirements
    • Pipelines have a certificate, which complies with ASME B31.3, B31.1.
    • Welds that comply with standard ASME B&PVC, Section IX
    • Complies with NACE standards
  • BETE SpiralAir results

    BETE SpiralAir SA compressed air atomizers have an equivalent liquid flow rate, but consume only 1/3 of the amount of compressed air compared to the customer’s original nozzle layout.

    The BETE spiral nozzle has a flow rate of 80 l/min and requires 4 bar of air / 4.7 water. This results in an overall reduction in the consumption of compressed air from 158 m3/h to 51 m3/h.

    Are you also keen to save on the cost of compressed air?


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