EmiControls water misting

EmiControls’ technological solutions solve challenges in the field of firefighting, dust control and odor control using water misting. The common denominator of the EmiControls solutions is water misting. The products are based on the understanding that small droplets drastically increase the surface area of the water used and focus on the atomization of water. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of water misting ensure that EmiControls can fully specialize and offer unprecedented results in a large number of different applications and industries.

EmiControls water misting

Spraybest Europe is the exclusive distributor for EmiControls in the BENELUX region, representing EmiControls from Italy. EmiControls offers various solutions for fire safety, dust control, and odor control. Water mist technology significantly enhances safety in firefighting, whether for emergency services or structural protection. Water misting rapidly extracts energy from fires and greatly enhances the cooling effect. In dust control applications, fine water droplets combine with dust particles and bring them to the ground. Optimal dust control requires the precise distribution of water droplets, a process perfected by EmiControls products. EmiControls water mist solutions for odor control are successfully employed in composting and recycling facilities, creating a better environment for employees and the surrounding area.

Thanks to the variety of products available, EmiControls has a wide range of applications. On one hand, solutions can be provided for dust issues in demolition, civil engineering, and ports. On the other hand, their odor control technology can be applied in recycling, composting, and water treatment plants. The fire suppression turbines are used in tunnels, airports, high-voltage installations, industry, and forest fires. Accelerating evaporation is a crucial process in salt mining, mines, and the industrial sector.

Consultation & Customization

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