EmiControls Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Automated infrared system with early detection and reliable protection.

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The EmiControls automatic extinguishing system is an optimally coordinated pumping station and forms the basis for an optimally functioning extinguishing system. The pumping station is not only the water supply, but also the key element of any fire protection system. In the event of an emergency, it must be reliable and 100% operational. The system operates fully automatically and is fully adapted to the wishes and needs of the customer – taking into account local conditions.

Operation of the EmiControls automatic extinguishing system with infrared detection
Infrared systems permanently scan the surface of the hall and record the surface temperature. If a temperature increase is detected in any of the defined monitoring areas, the system triggers.

  1. The fire alarm is forwarded to the extinguishing control panel, which issues an acoustic and visual alarm and transmits it to the affected fire alarm panel.
  2. At the same time, the early fire detection system initiates an extinguishing cycle, activating the extinguishing monitor or extinguishing turbine closest to the source of the fire. The extinguishing agent is directed precisely at the source of the fire.
  3. During the extinguishing cycle, the infrared system further scans the defined monitoring area and analyzes the panoramic thermal image again. If the criteria for the fire alarm still apply after the next monitoring cycle, the extinguishing cycle starts again. This continues until the hotspot is successfully extinguished.

Depending on the distance from the fire source to the extinguishing monitor or extinguishing turbine, the type of mist and the swing range around the fire source are adjusted to achieve the best possible result. If a hotspot is detected at another position in the surveillance area, the infrared system examines, which of the hotspots is the largest and most dangerous. This will be addressed first.

Thanks to the possibility to equip the extinguishing system with a water mist turbine, monitor or spray nozzles, this system is suitable for many types of application, such as RDF storage facilities, halls and open areas of recycling plants, tank farms, production facilities of the chemical industry, aircraft hangars, transformer substations as well as large storage areas with a high fire load. Depending on the area of application, the pump container can be combined with an extinguishing monitor, the EmiControls FT10e extinguishing turbine or nozzles.