EmiControls Spraying Nozzles & Extinguishing Monitor

Additional spraying nozzles and extinguishing monitor to expand the automatic extinguishing system


The EmiControls Automatic Extinguishing System can be equipped with the following extinguishing agents, depending on the areas that require protection:
• Water mist turbine FT10e
• Extinguishing monitor
• Spraying nozzles

Each extinguishing agent has its benefits. Water mist turbines are particularly suitable for large areas and areas with concealed fire sources. However, there are also areas where extinguishing turbines do not make sense, and monitors or nozzles are more suitable.

EmiControls Extinguishing Monitor
Extinguishing monitors can reach a point in a precisely coordinated manner and extinguish fires in a targeted manner. This is especially important with incipient fires to get them under control without delay. Extinguishing monitors have a wide range and can be easily connected to automatic fire detection systems and fire alarm systems. Extinguishing monitors are suitable for large halls with a ceiling height of less than 4 meters and bunker protection.

EmiControls Spraying Nozzles
Nozzles make sense, especially when fire protection needs to be provided in hard-to-reach and confined places. These are mainly conveyor belts, bunkers, enclosed spaces, etc.