EmiControls T10e Firefighting Turbine

Combines the advantages of an extinguishing monitor with the cooling effect of water mist.


The EmiControls T10e firefighting turbine represents a new and innovative generation of stationary fire protection systems. Its unique feature: the extinguishing turbine combines the advantages of an extinguishing monitor with the cooling effect of water mist. Water mist is very efficient in suppressing contaminants and can reduce the emission of gases with the help of water curtains.

The water mist turbine has a working range of 360° and is able to deploy water mist accurately at a great distance. Water mist provides a higher cooling effect when extinguishing fires while consuming less water. The turbine has two internally separated water circuits that allow different spray patterns:
• a centrally located monitor generates a full jet or umbrella jet at 2,300 l/min
• A nozzle ring on the outside of the turbine produces a fine water mist with up to 400 l/min.

Because the turbine uses water mist, it offers enormous advantages in the event of a fire: on the one hand, the construction can be cooled better by the water mist, on the other hand, the lower consumption of extinguishing water also reduces follow-up costs. The EmiControls T10e firefighting turbine can be controlled fully automatically by any fire detection system. It also works with water, foam or a water-foam mixture.

The EmiControls T10e firefighting turbine is suitable for many fire situations
The water mist turbine offers companies and emergency services a very high level of safety. It is particularly suitable in the following areas: recycling sites, landfills, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, industries that use wood and large storage facilities with large amounts of combustible material. The accredited fire protection organizations bSafe, TÜV Süd and MPA Dresden have confirmed that the FT10e is very suitable for use in the following types of fires: A = solid fuels, B = liquid fuels, C = gaseous fuels and F = fat burning.