EmiControls dust control

The issue of dust control has gained considerable importance in recent years. This is due both to stricter governmental requirements and an increasing environmental awareness. Thanks to the EmiControls solutions, the installations technology and our dust control systems not only control dust, they also provides various advantages that are of added value for your company. Their proper application in dust control saves costs and time because we can achieve the maximum result with minimal use of resources. The working conditions for your employees are not only safer, but also more pleasant at the local level. EmiControls has been working on dust control projects throughout Europe for more than 10 years.

Dust Control with Water Atomization

Dust control through water atomization is a successful method for reducing unwanted dust emissions. This is particularly useful in industries where compliance with specific limits is necessary. Simultaneously, it also improves the working conditions for employees and supports the longevity of machinery.

EmiControls solutions create fine water mists that moisten the dust particles, making them heavier and bringing them to the ground. An essential aspect of this process is producing the right size droplets. Droplets that are too large, such as those from a conventional hose, provide limited dust control. They have a smaller available surface area, and the droplets are heavier, causing them to remain suspended in the air for a shorter time, significantly reducing their ability to bind with the dust. Conversely, if the droplets are too small, they can be blown away by the wind and fail to reach their intended target.

Solutions for Selective and Large-Scale Dust Control

When dust can be traced back to a small, specific source (e.g., on conveyor belts at a landfill), it’s referred to as selective dust control. For this, we have various solutions that can be applied directly at the source, effectively suppressing dust where it originates. Selective dust control solutions are also suitable for indoor use, including the EMI L3 and the H2 system.

If the source of dust cannot be pinpointed to a specific location (e.g., near a quarry), it leads to large-scale dust accumulation. This requires solutions that both humidify the air in the affected area and bring the dust to the ground. It also involves sealing ground surfaces to prevent dust from rising. For large-scale dust control, larger turbines like the V12 and V22Orca are suitable.

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Consultation & Customization

We are ready to assist you in selecting the right product for your application. Take advantage of the expertise of our specialists who are eager to collaborate with you. We are pleased to offer customized solutions. Please contact us for advice.