EmiControls H2 Midi

H2 Midi – the best choice for dust control in medium-sized plants.

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The EmiControls H2 Midi dust control system is a complete solution consisting of two independent pumps, control cabinet, self-cleaning filters, automatic dewatering and advanced software solution. It can independently supply water to up to 8 different application zones.

The distinguishing features of the H2 Midi are not only its extreme flexibility of use and high efficiency in suppressing dust, but also its state-of-the art software. Each zone can be operated and controlled separately on the machine display. A calendar function offers extra autonomy and allows the H2 Midi to automatically start and stop in the desired zones at the selected times of the day and hour. Thanks to a web interface, the device can also be accessed remotely.

Kenmerken EmiControls H2 Midi

The H2 system is flexible and can be adjusted to a wide range of different needs. It is very suitable for use in the following areas: handling of bulk materials, moisturing public streets and squares, ports, open storage facilities, composting plants, stone crushing and transshipment points on running belts.

The pump – the hart of the H2 system

  1. Top-quality tapered roller bearings.
  2. Connecting rods in a special bronze alloy with excellent low-friction and mechanical performance.
  3. Pump head made of nickel-plated brass for extra protection against chemicals.
  4. Crankcase made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy with a paint coat to increase corrosion resistance.
  5. Extended tailgate to hold a larger amount of oil and provide better lubrication. Oil cap with magnet to attract all microscopic metal particles that arise during intensive use.
  6. Ceramic plungers. Special machining for plunger guide aimed at reducing the risk of oil leaks.
  7. Durable double sealing system to ensure longer service life and prevent water leakage.