EmiControls H2 Pump

EmiControls H2 Pump – small

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It’s finally here: the H2 system for local dust control. The new H2 series is a versatile high-pressure misting system and, thanks to its modular structure, can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s wishes (in terms of degree of emission, place of use, quantity and properties of the dust).
The H2 system stands out due to the fact that the proven and field-proven misting technology ensures not only highly efficient dust suppression, but consumes only very little water – so you can remove dust very efficiently and cost-effectively – directly at the dust source, without forming puddles.

The H2 pump is specially designed for use in smaller installations and indoor spaces. Equipped with industrial connectors (Harting), it makes for quick and easy, error-free installation. The available options such as automatic drain, heating and remote control and various models of nozzles ensure optimal adaptation to the customer’s wishes. In addition, the H2 pump is well equipped for working in industrial environments, thanks to its robust housing and pressure and temperature sensors.

Features of EmiControls H2 Pump

  • High adaptability thanks to modular design
  • The best choice for indoor spaces and for local dust control
  • Extremely efficient in dust suppression thanks to its proximity to the dust source
  • Thanks to the proven water mist technology, very little water is needed for maximum results
  • No secondary problems such as puddles of water or high energy costs
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance, as all important components are easily accessible