EmiControls L3

Ideal for conditions, where dust must be controlled in the immediate vicinity of the dust source

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The EmiControls L3 dust turbine has been specifically developed for situations where dust control must take place in the immediate vicinity of the dust source. Thanks to its low weight and two wheels, the lance can be moved quickly and easily. The hallmarks of the agile L3 are in particular its power and high throwing distance (8 – 12 or 20 meters), which appears hardly possible at first glance. The reduced consumption of water and energy make the L3 a very environmentally friendly solution for dust suppression.

With its low weight and compact dimensions, the EmiControls L3 dust turbine is particularly suitable for minor demolition work, indoor work, recycling, open-cast mining, industrial applications, breakers, tunnels, outdoor and transition areas to halls.

The EmiControls L3 dust turbine can be used in the immediate vicinity of the dust source, with rotation and inclination of the nozzle (by remote control). The noise emission level of the turbine is 63 dbA, which makes it particularly quiet so that it can also be used indoors. Thanks to its low weight, the turbine can be easily moved by only one person.