EmiControls V12s

The world’s quietest all-round dust regulator with full control over the spray pattern.

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The EmiControls V12s dust turbine is a true all-rounder: thanks to its low noise emission (60/63 dbA at 20 m), it can be used without problems in city centers and residential areas. The turbine has two speed levels, making it flexible enough to eject fine water spray over a distance of 25 to 65 meters. In addition, the amount of water can be controlled by remote control at three different levels. The water flow rate ranges between 16 and 100 l/min.

Compact and low noise: the EmiControls V12s dust turbine is ideal for work in city centers or areas where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum, for industrial use, demolition work, all types of surface mining work, recycling plants, material storage, loading facilities, landfills and for wood processing.

The EmiControls V12s dust turbine is very flexible and versatile in use because it is quiet, offers different throwing distances. Its water flow can be adjusted, many options are available and the compact size of the dust regulator makes it easy to transport and relocation. In addition, thanks to the heating kit, the V12s can also operate at temperatures down to -10°C.