EmiControls V22

A powerful machine for large quantities of dust with a large throwing range of up to 90 meters.

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The EmiControls V22 dust turbine is the most powerful dust regulator and easily suppresses large amounts of dust. The V22 is a real miracle worker with a range of 70 to 90 meters. The fine water droplets form a dense water mist, which binds the dust particles in the air and brings them to the ground – without forming puddles. At the same time, the V22 boasts low energy consumption (29.5 kW). The compact and robust design allows for easy transport and allows mounting on a lift or vehicle, such as trucks and trailers.

Thanks to its large throwing range (up to 90 m), the EmiControls V22 dust turbine is particularly suitable for use in the industry, for demolition works, all types of open-cast mining, recycling plants, material storage, loading facilities, landfills, wood processing and quarries.