EmiControls Fire Fighting

Water mist is an important aspect of successful and efficient firefighting. Until now, however, its potential could only be exploited to a limited extent, as it was not possible to distribute water mist across a great distance. However, we were able to overcome this problem by combining water mist with a EmiControls turbine. In addition to high efficiency, water atomization turbines also save resources.

EmiControls firefighting turbines can be used both for mobile fire extinguishing and stationary fire protection. For mobile applications, the turbine can be mounted either on a remote-controlled tracked vehicle or in a fire truck. For use as stationary fire protection, we position the turbine in a specific place, from where it can be deployed without delay in the event of a fire.

Water mist-based firefighting

Water misting is a very versatile and particularly safe way of firefighting. As EmiControls turbines can serve both as stationary fire protection and as a mobile extinguishing unit (in the form of extinguishing robots and fire truck solutions), there is a whole range of possible application areas. Water misting is very efficient in fighting fires because it has an excellent cooling effect and can render a fire inert. Additional positive side effects include the fact that water mist dampens polluting particles, can increase the safety of firefighters and cool down the temperature of assets.

Stationary and mobile firefighting solutions

Stationary turbines for firefighting are particularly suitable for preventive fire protection because the water mist envelops objects and can reach hidden sources of fire. If you want to protect your business operation with extinguishing turbines, your planning will invariably start with the existing fire protection system. The turbines are suitable for installations and equipment and can be controlled fully automatically by any fire detection system. In addition to the FT10e extinguishing turbine, for example, EmiControls also features various monitors, detection options and nozzles.

There are various options for mobile firefighting. To increase the protection of emergency responders, EmiControls firefighting turbines can be installed on a mobile unit, either a remote-controlled extinguishing robot or a fire truck. For example, there is the TAF35 firefighting robot. Both a robot and a firefighting turbine on the fire truck are very versatile and, thanks to the water mist technology, are also effective in gas precipitation.

Consultancy & customized solutions

We will gladly help you select the right product for your application. Rely on the expertise of our specialists, who will gladly consider and discuss its potential benefits for you. That is how we can offer you a tailored solution for your application. Feel free to contact us for advice.