EXAIR 1102/1103 Mini Super Air Nozzle

EXAIR Mini Super Air nozzles deliver forceful and concentrated air patterns. Compared to the larger Super Air Nozzles models, they generate less noise, consume less air and have less blowing power. The air pattern of these nozzles is 255 grams at 5.5 bar at 305mm distance, dimension at 41mm at 152mm distance with an air consumption of 17 Nm3/hour. Noise emissions are merely 71 dBA. EXAIR Mini Super Air nozzles, model number 1102, are available in stainless steel 316 or PEEK (plastic) in thread size 1/8″ BSP or 1/8″ NPT internal thread; the model 1103 is available in aluminum and stainless steel 316 and with an external thread size of 1/8″ BSP or 1/8″ NPT.

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