EXAIR compressed optimization

Leaking compressed air and inefficient blowing applications is a global problem and can lead to extremely high costs in terms of electricity consumption. In many factories, the loss can cost up to 30% of the total compressed air.

Compressed air optimization with Spraybest and EXAIR

Spraybest and EXAIR can help your company to become “green” by taking the following six steps:

  1. Measure the compressed air consumption and identify the sources with a high consumption of compressed air.
  2. Find and fix leaks in the compressed air lines.
  3. Take your blowing, cooling and drying application by deploying the right and suitable compressed air products.
  4. Switch the compressed air off the very instant it is no longer being used.
  5. Use intermediate compressed air storage close to the point where it will be used.
  6. Control the compressed air pressure at the point where it will be used to minimize compressed air consumption.

EXAIR has launched several products for this purpose:

  • EFC: Electronic Flow Control; turns the compressed air electronically on and off.
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detector; detects leaks in the pipe and fitting work.
  • Digital Flowmeter; view and control compressed air usage where it is usedt.

Consultancy & customized solutions

We will gladly help you select the right compressed air product for your application. Rely on the expertise of our specialists, who will gladly consider and discuss its potential benefits for you. That is how we can offer you a tailored solution for your application. Feel free to contact us for advice.