E-Vac spare parts

Spare parts for Exair E-Vac vacuum generators.


EXAIR offers various additional parts for the E-Vac vacuum generators such as dampers, non-return valves, push-in couplings, (vacuum) hoses and hose columns. These make it easy to build a vacuum system best suited for your vacuum application needs. In addition to these accessories for E-Vac vacuum generators, there are other items that can help with the preparation and control of the compressed air.

When using E-Vac vacuum generators, it is important to use a source of clean, dry compressed air so that they will continue to operate optimally. Automatic exhaust filter separators to keep the compressed air free of contaminants and moisture are recommended. Oil extraction filters that remove oil particles found in many compressed air systems are available. There are also pressure regulators, valves, compressed air hoses, fittings and solenoid valves (to electrically switch the compressed air on and off).

Optional silencers are available that allow maximum extraction of the E-Vac unit without reducing the cycle speed. The standard silencer (only for use with In-Line E-Vacs) has a closed end and is suitable for applications that are free of dust and dirt. The “Straight-Through” muffler is recommended when particles may occur, as it does not accumulate dirt that can affect performance. Straight-Through mufflers offer the best noise reduction (up to 26 dBA).

Fittings and pipes
The vacuum port of the E-Vac has an NPT thread (a vacuum cup can be screwed directly into it). For vacuum cups located at a distance, push-in connector fittings (most have global threads for use with NPT and BSP) can be installed on the E-Vac and the vacuum cup. Polyurethane vacuum hoses are available (10′, 20′, 30′, 40′ and 50′ lengths) to connect them. For best performance, hose length should be kept to a minimum to achieve the best fastening and unloading times.

Non-return valve
A vacuum non-return valve is available to hold the vacuum in case of compressed air loss. It is designed for high flow so that it does not restrict airflow or slow down vacuum action. Maximum vacuum can still be achieved without affecting performance. E-Vac vacuum generators used without a non-return valve release the load if the compressed air pressure drops significantly or if the supply of compressed air is lost