Chip Trapper

Sucks up the liquid with chips and only pumps back the filtered liquid.


The patented Chip Trapper offers a quick and easy way to filter solid particles from used (cooling) liquids. The Chip Trapper extracts the liquid with all contaminants from the tank and captures all solid particles in a reusable filter. Afterwards, the filtered liquid can be pumped back. The Chip Trapper is ideal for machines with tanks in which contaminated liquids are mixed with solid particles.

The High Lift Chip Trapper is suitable for very deep tanks. Due to the high vacuum in the collecting vessel, filling a 55 gallon (208 liters) vessel with a height difference of 4.5 meters takes only 85 seconds. Automatic shut-off when the drum is full thanks to the built-in vacuum and pressure relief valve. Self-aspirating stainless steel pump, removes unwanted solid particles from the liquid.