EasySwitch™ Wet-Dry Vac

Switch between sucking up solid particles to liquids and vica versa.


The EXAIR EasySwitch suction system simplifies switching between sucking solid particles to liquids and vice versa. The EXAIR EasySwitch system uses a minimal amount of compressed air while producing a strong suction force that is ideal for any application; dry or wet, light or heavy.

The EXAIR EasySwitch is designed to handle the toughest industrial cleaning jobs. A standard or HEPA-certified filter can be used for sucking up dry material. The quick and easy conversion for sucking up liquids is achieved by opening the filter holder and removing the filter. The EXAIR EasySwitch uses only compressed air and contains no moving parts. Since it does not use any electricity, the EXAIR EasySwitch can be used without worrying about wear and tear, engine failures and electrical hazards for the operator, especially when sucking up liquids.

Features of the EXAIR EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac:
The EXAIR Easyswitch wet/dry nozzle is a universally applicable suction system based on compressed air. Switching between sucking up liquids is as easy as removing the filter when liquids need to be sucked up and putting it back in when sucking up solid particles. The EXAIR EasySwitch operates at a mere 79 dBA of noise without requiring additional noise-reducing filters.

Compared to other manufacturers, the EXAIR EasySwitch uses less compressed air to deliver better or comparable performance. The EXAIR EasySwitch suction system can be supplied with various accessories, such as a stand, an antistatic suction hose, drum dolly, metal nozzles and tool holder.