Reversible Drum Vac series – reversible drum pumps

Upgrade the Reversible Drum Vacuum Cleaner to the Premium Reversible Drum Vacuum Cleaner System.


Suck and/or pump liquid (including solids) without a pump, with the EXAIR Reversible Drum Pump (Reversible DrumVac). All you need is compressed air to suck in or blow out a 200 liter drum in 90 seconds. Highly suitable for industrial environments. Also available in special versions for the suction of coolant with machining waste (Chip Trapper) from a lathe. The solid parts (machining waste) are immediately filtered out of the liquid to permit reuse of the coolant.

The air-powered reversible drum vacuum device fills a 55 gallon drum in less than two minutes, and with a simple twist of the button, the same stainless steel pump quickly empties the drum. The Reversible Drum Vac uses no electricity and has no moving parts, ensuring maintenance-free operation. In addition to all features of the Deluxe reversible drum vacuum cleaner, the Premium system includes a 30, 55 or 110 gallon drum with matching lid and retaining ring, as well as a 20′ (6.1 m) compressed air hose.

Warning: Do not use with low flash point materials or flammable liquids such as fuel oil, alcohol, petrol, petrol or kerosene.