Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle

Suitable for neutralizing with static electricity and removing difficult particles.


The patented Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle supplies ionized compressed air to neutralize static loads and remove obstructive particles during cleaning processes, test procedures and sensitive assembly operations. The electron cloud of +/-30V neutralizes 1000 volt static voltage to 100 volt within 1 second, while a minimum amount of compressed air is blown off. The 24V power supply provides a safe voltage, and the nozzle meets OSHA safety requirements.

The Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle comes with a compact and adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket that allows the Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle to be attached to workbenches and machines. The Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle is further equipped with a standard 6mm compressed air connection and green and red LEDs for status indication and a durable polycarbonate housing.

Patent No.:
EU Regd. Des. No. 009025463-0001