Super Air Knife

Generates a powerful and laminar air curtain with this low-noise air knife.


The use of air knives is an efficient way, for example, to cool, clean or blow-dry parts, e.g., on conveyor belts.

The EXAIR Super Air Knife is the mostly widely used device by far because of its excellent performance (super powerful, super economical with compressed air and therefore also super quiet). EXAIR Super Air Knives are the most efficient air knives available, they amplify the compressed air up to 40x by sucking in ambient air. EXAIR Super air knives are available as standard in lengths from 3″ (76mm) to 108″ (2743mm) in aluminum, stainless steel 303, stainless steel 316 and PVDF. Different sizes, shapes and materials are available on request.

The EXAIR Super Air Knife is infinitely adjustable through compressed air pressure and is quickly switchable. It is a safe, low-noise and compressed air-saving air knife.