EXAIR nozzles

EXAIR nozzles and air jets are designed to generate safe, focused air jets for cleaning or blow-drying products. Due to their special design, EXAIR nozzles do not clog up, which prevents adverse effects on health from compressed air. They also significantly reduce noise emissions and contribute to a higher blowing impact.

Spraybest offers a comprehensive selection of EXAIR air nozzles suitable for various applications, including blowing, cooling, and drying. These air nozzles are designed to deliver a powerful blowing airflow while minimizing air consumption and noise levels.

EXAIR Air Nozzles

The EXAIR air nozzles are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of different applications. From the minuscule Atto Super Air Nozzles to the 1 1/4″ Large Super Air Nozzles, we have a wide range of options. If even these nozzles do not provide enough airflow, the EXAIR Super Air Nozzle clusters are the solution. Particularly noteworthy are the Back Blow Air Nozzles, specially designed for cleaning and drying drilled holes. An overview of all EXAIR air nozzles can be found here.

Various accessories are also available, such as Stay Set Hoses, which allow flexible positioning of the air nozzles.

Consultation & Customization

We are more than happy to assist you in selecting the right air nozzles for your specific application. Take advantage of the expertise of our specialists who are eager to collaborate with you. We are pleased to offer customized solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

EXAIR nozzles

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