ECF Electronic Flow Control

Minimize compressed air consumption in applications such as blowing, drying or antistatic treatment.


Electronic Flow Control (EFC) minimizes compressed air consumption when used for blowing, drying, cooling, moving or antistatic treatment.

Wat is EFC?
The EFC of EXAIR is a user-friendly electronic flow control system for compressed air piping systems. The system is designed to reduce compressed air consumption when blowing, drying, cooling, moving or for antistatic treatment.
The EFC combines a photoelectric sensor with a timer in such a way that the compressed air supply is terminated as soon as no part is detected. The timer offers easy control over the switching on and off of the installation by means of 8 programmable on/off modes.

Why use the EFC?
In most companies, the compressed air compressor uses more electricity than any other tool. A simple application using compressed air may cost thousands of euros in power consumption if not thoroughly monitored. The EFC is designed to increase efficiency by minimizing compressed air consumption and thus reducing the cost of compressed air. The compressed air is only supplied when a part is present and provides just enough air for the specific task..

The EFC has a simple electrical connection for 100V – 240V AC, 50/60Hz, making it applicable all over the world. The compact photoelectric sensor has a sensitivity setting and can detect objects up to 1 meter away. The sensor is highly resistant to noise and inductive charges and can be easily installed in tight spaces. The control system offers flexibility with many setting options. Due to the polycarbonate housing, the sensor is suitable for many applications, including those in wet environments.